Death to Stock Photography

2017 is a new era in the stock photography world.

There is a new standard for the quality and realness. Gone are the days of cheesy photos, poor compositions, terrible lighting, and narratives that were only fit for parody. The younger upstarts in the industry like Stocksy United¬†are killing the old norms and replacing it with modern editorial work that can go straight into any magazine, fashion blog, website, or ad. Take a look at these stock photos and you’ll quickly see that these aren’t your dad’s stock photos.

stocksy united photo

The processing is on point, with tones straight out of modern cinema. The models are real, the stories present in the images make you want to be there, and the curation is perfection. Collections like this can inspire any photographer to give stock a try. There is no longer a reason to hide your stock career. These are images you can be proud to make, proud to sell, and proud to be seen in the world.

The top categories of stock are still relatively unchanged, with business, technology, medical, and food being most popular. The major change of the past few years is with buyers, they’re now looking for more diversity in the images. This is a great step forward and stock agencies like Stocksy have made great progress in offering much needed diversity in this industry.

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