Preparing for your wedding day

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Are you prepared for grand wedding day?

To present yourself in bright countenance, you should plan your wedding ceremony in a very efficient way. There are various overwhelming tasks that you should accomplish before the grand day. With an efficient planning, there will be great peace of mind and it is possible to entertain guests in the best possible way. The preparation for wedding should start from many months before the wedding. For example, you should apply for the marriage license at least one month before the special day so that you will be prepared to face the day with complete documentation. The legal obligations will be fulfilled without fail.

Planning for the grand day

Wedding planning should be done to incorporate your ideas and dreams. The place cards for the reception should be written at least one month before the wedding day. The reception seating details should be arranged in a proper way.

Some of the things that should be accomplished in the month before wedding include final wedding gown fitting, meeting officiant, organizing the family rehearsal, a trail run with the make-up artist and hairstylist. You should also finalize your vows and order of service. You should confirm the arrangements with major service providers such as florist, carpenter, photographer, and musicians.

Two weeks before the wedding, you should try the bridal gown with all the accessories. It should be worn in wedding shoes. You should take steps such that all your garments will be clean and wrinkle-free. Place cards and other table settings should be arranged in order as per your needs. The wedding day schedule should be confirmed with all the participants so that necessary arrangements will be done without fail.

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Preparations one week before

There will be hectic preparations one week before the wedding day.  As per the wedding planning, wedding rehearsal should be conducted. You should check out that suits and dresses are collected properly. The honeymoon arrangements should be confirmed with the service provider. The suitcases should be packed. The bride’s mother or any other responsible person should collect bride’s gown and other accessories after the wedding. The best man should be arranged so that hired suits will be returned without any difficulty. A final check should be done on all arrangements so that everything will take place in a very efficient way.

One day before the wedding, you should check that everything is going as per the schedule. If the work is delegated, you will not want to put additional efforts. It is a great time to relax and you should ensure that your fiancée will also take rest.

On the wedding day

The wedding schedule should run smoothly. The rest schedule should be planned as per the time of the wedding ceremony. Guys and girls will have their own schedule on the special day. The typical guys’ schedule for an afternoon wedding includes wake up, shower and shave at 9 am. A healthy breakfast should be completed.

The last-minute setup jobs or relaxation should be completed by lads and it will take more time. You should take good lunch around 1 PM as it will be very difficult to manage time later. You should depart for the venue and you will be followed by groomsmen as well. You are required to meet guests and should check that everything takes place as per the wedding planning.

Similarly, girls will wake up at 8 am in the morning as they should have shower and breakfast. A button-up shirt can be worn so that the hair style will not be disturbed. If you are wearing strapless gown, you should not wear a bra. The hair styling should start by 9 am. It will take at least one hour for each person and the time should be allocated as per the number of hair stylists and the travel time to the venue.

It will take at least 40 minutes for makeup. Flowers will be picked up or dropped by someone whose is outside the bridal party. After heavy good lunch, the bride should wear your dress. Bridesmaids should be ready before helping the bride. After having a short photo sessions with wedding photographer, bride, parents and bride’s attendants will head for the wedding venue.

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