Wedding Photography Trends for 2018

In this post we’d love to take a look at the wedding photography trends 2018. It’s the best time of year to start speculating on what will be next years defining styles, looks, and what fun new things will rock the wedding world.

wedding trends 2018

It looks like we’ll continue to see a focus on elopements, smaller weddings, more adventurous remote locations, and epic portraits. We hope to also see renewed love for the urban weddings, not every wedding can be held on a mountaintop. For color palettes, I’d love to see a return to jewel tones instead of the monochromatic looks of 2017. My only hope is that there are fewer best man speech jokes.

Wedding dresses will continue to go in many directions, simple and clean, or over the top amazing. We’re hoping to see a few new upstart designers take the reigns after a few years of status quo from the larger design houses. What are your thoughts? Leave us a note in the comments.


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